Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Burning CD's from Windows XP

Recently I saw a tip on how to burn CD's from Windows XP. I was surprised because I didn't realize Windows XP had this capability - I thought you had to use Nero or some other software.

The other strange thing was that the options they were talking about didn't show up on my desktop machine (although when I checked I could see them on my laptop).

The problem was that in the Properties of my drive, "Enable CD recording" wasn't turned on. Maybe because I installed the drive myself, although you'd think it would be enabled by default. Once I turned this on the options appeared.

And you can even use Send To (the topic of my previous post)

I also found there's a Power Toy (although it's "unauthorized") to let you burn ISO images, which was actually what I wanted to do. (I was making Ubuntu 6 cd's.)

These new options require a lot less steps than using Nero, so I'm happy :-)

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