Wednesday, July 26, 2006

OSCON 2006 Day 3

The day started off with a few keynotes from various people - nothing too exciting.

The first session I went to was about building an online game with Ruby on Rails ( - unroll spelled backwards). It was quite interesting and entertaining but I didn't learn too much.

The next session was on using Capistrano to deploy Rails applications. It was a good overview of a tool that I think we'll want to use on our Rails project.

After lunch was a session on a new way to build query interfaces. It wasn't anything earth shaking, but there were a few interesting ideas on how to give users more feedback as they enter into a search form and support doing it incrementally.

Next was another presentation by Stuart Holloway on Streamlined. This was mentioned in his Ajax on Rails tutorial, but he went into more details in this session. This is brand new software, barely released, but it promises to make building simple database apps with Rails almost trivial.

For something different I went to a session on Xen - open source virtualization software for Linux, similiar to VMware.

My last session of the day was on wxPython. I'm not that interested in Python, but I am interested in wxWidgets since it seems like the best bet for a cross platform gui for Suneido.

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