Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Web Annoyance

One thing that really annoys me for some reason is web sites that insist (require) that you enter credit card numbers without spaces! Even O'Reilly, who pride themselves on their web site, do this.

Doesn't anyone consider that it's much easier to read and verify a 16 digit number when it's broken into groups of digits by spaces? And that maybe they do that on the card for a reason?

How hard can it be for the order processing software to strip out spaces? I've got to think that's a one liner in any mainstream language.

Considering they're trying to get our money, you'd think they'd want to make it as easy as possible! It's yet another example of why such a high percentage of on-line orders are abandoned.

I understand ending up with usability issues. I'm sure my company's software has lots. But this seems like such a basic thing and so easy to fix that I can't understand why it's so common.

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