Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Digital Music Not Quite Here Again

When Apple announced DRM-free music on the iTunes store I thought I'd finally be able to buy music without the roundabout system of buying a physical cd and ripping it to get the digital version which is all I use these days. But unfortunately, their selection of DRM free music is small and doesn't seem to be growing very fast. It seems like every time I go to look for something it isn't available.

So when Amazon announced DRM-free MP3's I was hopeful but knew the real test would be selection. I checked for a few things and although not everything was available it seemed better than iTunes (and cheaper, at least for some things).

BUT when I actually went to buy something I found out it's United States only. Argh!

I found someone on the web saying they had managed to purchase from Canada by giving a fake address but that didn't work for me. Maybe because I was logged in and therefore it knew where I was.

Note: My reasons for wanting DRM-free music have nothing to do with piracy. I just don't want the headaches of DRM, especially when I use multiple computers and music players. It seems crazy how much resistance the music companies are putting up against DRM-free sales, when they've been selling DRM music (i.e. cd's) all along.

Patience, grasshopper.

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