Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Chumby Has Landed

My Chumby finally arrived. I was happy to see natural cloth packaging instead of yet another frustrating bubble pack. Of course, the first thing it wanted to do after I set it up was to download a bunch of updates. [aside: Automatic updates seem like a great idea, and they would be if they were unobtrusive. But every time I try to do anything on my computers something wants to do an update and disrupt me while it does it. It's especially bad on machines that I don't leave turned on and don't necessarily use every day.]

Here's what I have currently playing on my Chumby:

I'd like to make my own widgets but it looks like that requires using Flash which I haven't done before. For example, the Chumby would make a great (although expensive) status monitor for our automated tests.

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