Tuesday, November 13, 2007

PyPy, LLVM, and Parrot

I recently came across some references to PyPy - a Python version/compiler (and more) implemented in Python. Interesting stuff, but a little hard to follow.

A reference from there led me to LLVM - Low Level Virtual Machine, which is actually a compiler (including JIT) as well as a virtual machine. Check out the tutorial on implementing a language with LLVM - very slick. They discuss garbage collection (including using the Boehm collector that Suneido uses) but this area appears to still be a work in progress.

Another project along these lines is Parrot - the new Perl virtual machine.

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.teri said...

Actually, 2010, parrot is a virtual machine for implement any (dynamic) language, even do your own language. Perl 6, Rakudo, have its own implementation for parrot. LLVM is a good project too.