Tuesday, May 13, 2008

jSuneido - good news, bad news

I just had a depressing thought. Suneido consists of about 60,000 lines of C++ code. Yesterday I wrote 200 lines of Java. Even if the Java is half the size of the C++ (?) that's 150 straight days of programming. I can probably do better than 200 lines once I get more up to speed on Java. But some of the code is going to be a lot harder to port than what I did yesterday. It's obviously do-able, but it's not going to be "quick" even if it's "easy" (which it probably won't be).

I'm starting to find some resources e.g. the golden spike by John Rose @ Sun and the JVM Languages Google Group. (there's some interesting stuff if you go back to the beginning of the group) It's good to know there's information out there (although these days that's almost a given) but the complexity of some of it is a little daunting.

Another C++ feature that doesn't port straight across is operator overloading. Not a big deal other than recognizing when it's used in the C++ code.

A Java annoyance - the duplication in statements like this bugs me:

HashMap hashmap = new HashMap();

C++ is similar but you notice it less because you can allocate on the stack with just:

HashMap hashmap;

And you can use typedef to make abbreviations so you can write:

Map hashmap = new Map;

Hah! Two days programming in Java and I'm already redesigning the language! Here's my proposed shortcut (syntactic sugar):

HashMap hashmap = new; // or new(args...)

On the positive side, writing a multi-threaded socket server seems a lot simpler in Java than in C++. It didn't hurt that one of the books I found at the bookstore was TCP/IP Sockets in Java.

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