Monday, June 02, 2008

RailsConf - Day 4

I started off the day with "The Worst Rails Code You've Ever Seen". Some of this was pretty basic mistakes. But not having written any Rails code myself, I couldn't even see what was wrong with some of the examples, let alone how to fix them. I'm sure it was obvious to most people.

The next session was supposed to be about Scaling Rails from the Inside Out by Engine Yard, but instead he talked about a new system for distributed application "cloud" computing. Interestingly, the system was based on XMPP (the Jabber instant messaging protocol) and much of it is written in Erlang.

Scaling was a common theme in the conference. Next I went to a talk by RightScale about using Amazon EC2. Pretty neat stuff. He talked about one case where a company got suddenly popular on Facebook and scaled from 80 servers to 3500 servers in a matter of days (although not without problems along the way!)

My last session was an open Q&A with four of the JRuby developers. Quite interesting, although not as much internals as I'd like. But then again, most people don't care so much about that end of things.

The conference wrapped up with a Q&A session with four of the Rails core developers.

Overall, a good conference, even though I'm not a Rails developer!

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