Tuesday, July 29, 2008

jSuneido Progress

I have to admit my sense of urgency for this project is fading a little bit. Don't get me wrong, I'm still committed to it and working steadily on it. But it's just a little too big to push through to completion on that initial excitement.

On the positive side, I pretty much have the database query optimization working. That's a big step forward since it's one of the most complex parts of Suneido. It's gone better than I expected. But I think my expectations are a little more negative than they should be, given that I'm just porting working code.

As I suspected might happen, I've found a few bugs in the existing C++ code. A few times I thought I'd found major bugs but it turned out I was just not understanding how it was working. The few real bugs I've found haven't been very serious, which makes sense given that the current version has been pretty heavily tested and used in production.

The next step is query execution. This is a lot simpler than the optimization and should go fairly quickly. It'll be interesting to run some benchmarks and see how performance compares.

What's left after that? I have to hook up the server to the database and do the crash recovery - that should just about complete the database server part. Wrong - I still have to do the multi-threading - ouch. Then comes the fun part of implementing the language. This is only needed in the database server for rules and triggers - the bulk of what the database server does doesn't need the language at all.

It would be nice to get the bulk of this done before I go on holidays for a month in September. Not that I'd want to deploy it just before going on holidays, but the more complete it is, the less I'll have to try to remember where I was at when I get back.

Of course, the next obvious project is to port the client side. The big challenge here is the user interface. This is much less well defined and intertwined with Windows so it will be a much messier job. But also in some ways more rewarding since UI is a lot more visible than the behind the scenes server. So I won't have any shortage of challenges for the foreseeable future!

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