Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Milestone

A standard Suneido WorkSpace, right? Yes, but what you can't see is that it's a client running from the jSuneido server (which happens to be running on OS X). Pretty cool (for me, anyway!)

It actually wasn't too hard to get to this point. I had a few annoying problems with byte order since Java ByteBuffer's default to big endian, but native x86 order is little endian. In most places cSuneido was using big endian instead of native order but not everywhere, as I found out the hard way! One last gotcha was that ByteBuffer slice doesn't keep the source's byte order - easy enough to handle but somewhat counterintuitive.

As I keep reminding myself, there's still lots to do, but it's still nice to reach some tangible milestones :-)


Larry Reid said...

So there were some endian issues. I wonder if any were the cause of some of the problems I had in my aborted attempt to port to the PowerPC?

Larry Reid said...

Also, congratulations! This is really great news.

andrew said...

Yeah, it definitely could have caused problems. Sloppiness on my part - I should have known better than to store stuff in non-portable ways.