Tuesday, November 18, 2008

jSuneido Slow on OS X

The slowness of jSuneido isn't because of running through Parallels. I tried running the client on two external Windows machines with the same slow results as with Parallels.

Next, in order to eliminate Eclipse as the problem, I figured out how to package jSuneido into a jar file, which turned out to be a simple matter of using Export from Eclipse.

However, when I tried to run the jar file outside Eclipse under OS X, I got an error:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java/util/ArrayDeque

At first I assumed this was some kind of classpath issue. But after messing with that for a bit I finally realized that it was because the default Java version on OS X is 1.5 and ArrayDeque was introduced in 6 (aka 1.6).

From the web it seems that Java 6 is not well supported on the Mac. Apple has an update to get it, but it still leaves the default as Java 1.5 And the update is only for 64 bit. I didn't come across any good explanation of why Apple is dragging it's feet with Java 6.

I actually already had Java 6 installed since that was what I was using in Eclipse. (Which is why it was working there.)

But ... same problem, painfully slow, running the jar file outside Eclipse (but still on OS X)

Running the jar file on Windows under Parallels was fast, so the problem isn't the Mac hardware (not that I thought it would be).

I'd like to try running jSuneido under Java 1.5 to see if that works any better (since it is the OS X default). But in addition to Deque (which I could probably replace fairly easily) I'm also using methods of TreeMap and TreeSet that aren't available.

What's annoying is that I thought I was protected from this because of the compliance settings in Eclipse:
Maybe I'm misinterpreting these settings, but I expected it to warn me if my code wasn't compatible with Java 1.5

So far this doesn't leave me with any good options

- I can run slowly from Eclipse - yuck

- I can package a jar file and copy it to Windows - a slow edit-build-test cycle - yuck

- I can install Eclipse on Windows under Parallels and do all my work there - defeating the purpose of having a Mac - yuck

The real question is still why jSuneido is so slow running on OS X. I assume it's something specific in my code or there would be a lot more complaints. But what? Memory mapping? NIO? And how do I figure it out? Profile? Maybe there are some Java options that would help?

PS. I should mention that it's a major difference in speed, roughly 20x

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