Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tech Social Skills

Our internet access quit working the other night. I tried the usual things, restarting computers, routers, cable boxes, etc. But no luck.

So I called tech support. After working my way through the voice menus I finally reached a recording - which said more or less:
"We are currently experiencing problems in the City Park area.
We are working on it.
If you are calling from this area, hang up now."
Perfectly logical, but it sounds like Spock from Star Trek. No apology, no explanation, no asking for patience. Basically just "get lost, don't bug us".

Update: The next day (yesterday) the internet was working during the day but sometime around 4 or 5 pm it died. I would speculate that everyone got home from work and rushed to see if it was working and the load crashed their system and it stayed off all evening.

Side Note: Why do you have to work through Shaw Cable's entire voice menu system to get to internet support? I got the number from a sticker on the cable modem. Couldn't they have a separate phone number? I guess that wouldn't be as convenient for them.

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