Sunday, October 11, 2009

jSuneido Passes Accounting Tests

Another good milestone - jSuneido now successfully runs all the tests from our accounting application.

The further I go, the tougher the bugs tend to get. One of them took me two days to track down and fix. The problems were in predictable areas like obscure details of database rules and math. Some of them were not so much bugs as just small incompatibilities with cSuneido. A few were errors in the tests themselves.

I've got more application tests I can run. Hopefully they won't uncover too many more problems.

On a less positive note, jSuneido is taking almost 10 times longer than cSuneido to run the accounting tests. That's a significant difference. I haven't done any optimizing yet, but I wouldn't expect optimizing to make a 10 times difference.  It may be time to find a profiler and see what's taking all the time.

The stdlib tests run in similar amounts of time on cSuneido and jSuneido so I suspect the difference is in the database - the accounting tests use the database a lot more than the stdlib tests. cSuneido has a thinner, more direct interface to the memory mapping, which may make a fair difference in speed. I should be able to write some tests to see if this is the problem. Of course, if it is, I'm not sure how I'm going to fix it ...

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