Saturday, May 08, 2010

iPhone / Touch Apps

I gave my sister Penny an iPod Touch for her birthday and figured I'd better give her some recommendations for apps. Here's some of what I have on my iPhone:

Evernote (free) - save notes, photos, documents, works with web, Windows, and Mac versions
BlogPress ($2.99) - blog post writing tool, you can write offline
Note Taker ($1.99) - hand write notes with your finger (free Lite version)
Kindle (free) - ebook reader, works with Kindle devices or Windows and Mac software
Tripit (free) - trip itinerary, syncs with web site
iKeePass ($0.99) - password manager, works with web, Windows, and Mac versions
Remote (free) - remote for iTunes on Mac computers
Facebook (free)
Echofon for Twitter
Encyclopedia ($8.99) - offline copy of Wikipedia
iBird (free to $29.99) - bird guide (search for iBird)
GoodReader ($0.99) - PDF reader (free Lite version)
Instapaper (free) - save web pages for later offline reading (Pro version $4.99)
Outliner ($4.99) - syncs with web site
Google Earth (free)
oMaps ($1.99) - open maps
Fugawi iMap ($4.99) - topo maps of Canada and USA, can download maps for offline
Copilot Live Directions (free) - offline street maps of Canada and USA
Stanza (free) - ebook reader
Eucalyptus ($9.99) - ebook reader, access to 20,000 free books
Dropbox (free) - works with Windows and Mac software and web site
Gnu Go (free)

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Jen said...

You have the facebook app! Good for you :o) Me too!