Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mac OS X Hangs from Lightroom

More often than I'd like lately, when I import photos into Lightroom (from an SD card in a USB reader) it hangs my whole Mac.

I can understand how Lightroom could crash, but I'm a little baffled that it manages to freeze the whole operating system. You get the spinning beachball and you can't to anything - can't switch apps, can't pull down menus, can't do Ctrl + Eject to shutdown.

At first I thought it was because I would start to view photos while it was still downloading, so I quit doing that, but it's still happening.

The strange thing is that Lightroom is normally very stable. It doesn't crash or hang when I'm working in it, no matter what I do. I suspect this is more of an OS bug, or at least a bad interaction between the app and the OS.

This seems to have become a problem recently, perhaps related to either Lightroom updates, or OS X updates, or both. (That's one of the downsides of all these automatic updates.)

I wonder whether it has someting to do with importing directly from the SD card through USB. Not that that is an excuse for the OS to die, but I could see where there would be some low level device stuff going on. Maybe I should copy the files to the Mac and then import from there. Although that's quite a bit more hassle since Lightroom auto-detects memory cards and goes straight to Import. However, I think you can set up Lightroom to "watch" a directory, so maybe I could do that and copy to that directory.


Pad said...

Copying files from an SD card via USB seems to cause the copy process to freeze every so often. Hard reboot is needed. I can find lots of people mentioning the problem but no solutions.

falken said...

throw this white thing...

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem on my 24" iMac. It happens from the card or from folder on desktop. I tried the same folder 3 times before it worked. Apple tech support had me reset pram, which may have worked temporarily, but eventually I have the same freeze / lockup. They suggested reinstall operating system, which I did when I switched to Snow Leopard, but last night I had the same problem, so I am back to square one.