Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spoke Too Soon

Good think I'm not superstitious or I'd be certain I jinxed myself writing my previous blog post.

Right after posting it I started to test limiting the maximum number of threads and ran into a problem I'd actually seen earlier in the day but written off as nothing because I was still getting my test program working.

For some reason, occasionally one of the clients will get "stuck". The server appears to have completed the request, but the client appears to still be waiting for a response. Eventually the client times out.

And, Murphy's Law, it seems to not happen (or at least nowhere near as often) when the debugger is attached. Which happens to be how I was running the tests all day, just in case I ran into any problems that I would need to inspect. When I resumed testing after writing the blog post, I didn't attach the debugger, since I was just wrapping up.

Of course, not being able to make it happen easily, and not at all when the debugger is attached is going to make it hard to track down. Exactly what I was afraid of. Wish me luck!

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