Monday, August 17, 2009

iPod Shuffle Won't Shuffle

I had an older model iPod Shuffle that I used for running. It started to get flaky and eventually died totally.

So I bought a new model, smaller and sleeker, and more memory.

But ... I listen to podcasts when I'm running, not music, and the new iPod Shuffle won't shuffle podcasts.

Even if it would sort by date I could live with it. But it sorts by source, and I don't want to listen to all the podcasts from one source all in a row.

And although I like the controls on the headphone wire, you have to double click to skip tracks and it is a frustratingly slow process to skip all the podcasts from one source just to get to the next source. Good luck if you want to find a particular podcast.

I started doing some research and I read that you could skip between playlists. Ok, I'll put each podcast source in a playlist and then I can skip through them. Except you can only put music in playlists, not podcasts, despite the fact that they're all just mp3 files.

Ok, I'll just move my podcasts over into my music section so I can put them in playlists. Except you can't. For some reason, iTunes goes to great lengths to prevent this. Even if you remove the file from iTunes and then try to import into the music section, it's too "smart" and puts them back in the podcast section. There are various work-arounds but I don't want to have to do this every time I get new podcasts.

Why stop you from shuffling podcasts? Sure, not everyone will want to shuffle, but that's no different than music. After all, the one and only control on the body of this iPod is whether to shuffle or not!

Why stop you from putting podcasts into playlists? Again, I can't think of any reason for blocking this.

It's probably a similar issue as with the K7 flaw - going overboard in trying to keep people on the correct path, refusing to accept that your (the designer's) idea of the "correct" path isn't necessarily the same as your users.

Judging from all the stuff on the web about this, it obviously annoys a lot of people. Come on Apple - listen to your users!

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vga box said...

I completely agree with you this is also frustrating me about changing the tracks in mu i-shuffle. The mp3 tracks are required to much of time to play.