Tuesday, September 15, 2009

jSuneido Milestone

As of this morning, all the standard library tests run successfully in jSuneido!
(Other than a few that are not portable e.g. because they call Win32 functions.)

In some respects that's a huge milestone. In other respects it's just another arbitrary point in the progress of the project.

I'm pretty sure (I'd bet money on it) that if (when) I run other tests, e.g. the test suite from our accounting package, that I'll uncover more bugs. That's the next step but I'm procrastinating so I can enjoy the feeling of accomplishment a little bit longer.

Hopefully getting the other tests to pass won't take too long. Then I can finally tackle one of the main points of this project - multi-threading. jSuneido is currently multi-threaded but with no protection against threads interfering with each other. So using it multi-user will crash it pretty quickly.

One of the steps is to identify shared data structures and replace/convert them to concurrent versions.

But doing that naively is not going to work well because there will be too many bottlenecks that will end up serializing execution. So it'll be safe, but it won't scale.

So I'm going to have to redesign a few areas but I think I know what to do and it shouldn't be too hard.

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