Tuesday, November 24, 2009

jSuneido Socket Server

Up till now I've been using Ron Hitchens NIO socket server framework. It has worked pretty well, but it's primarily sample code. As far as I know it's not in production anywhere and not really maintained.

The first problem I ran into with it was that it didn't use gathering writes so it was susceptible to Nagle problems. I got around that with setTcpNoDelay, although that's not the ideal solution.

Another problem I ran into was that the input buffer was a fixed size. And worse, it would hang up in an infinite loop if it overflowed. To get around this I made the buffer big, but again, not an ideal solution.

And lastly, everything sent or received had to be copied in or out of buffers maintained by the framework. (rather than used directly)

So I decided to bite the bullet and write my own. It took me about half a day to write. It's roughly 180 lines of code. It's not as flexible as Ron's but it does what I need - gathering writes, unlimited input buffering, and the ability to use the buffers directly without copying. It's fairly easy to use - there's a simple echo server example at the end of the code. I wouldn't want to have to write it with just the Sun Java docs to go by, but with the examples in Ron's book, Java NIO, it's not too bad.

Of course, there may still be bugs in it, but it seems to work well so far.

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