Friday, June 25, 2010

Chromium Embedded continued

Previously I got the Chromium Embedded (CEF) sample application to compile (and run). That was only a tiny step towards what I needed to do.

Suneido has a DLL interface, but it can only handle straightforward interfaces. Although CEF has a DLL with a C interface, it's fairly complicated. So I decided I needed to write a small DLL that Suneido could call that would talk to CEF.

But I wasn't sure what the minimum functionality I'd need. The sample application is actually quite large and complex because it is demonstrating a bunch of features like extensions and plugins. So I started by whittling down the sample to the bare minimum. That process helped me identify the core functions I'd need.

It took me a certain amount of struggling to recall / figure out how to build a Windows DLL. (It's not something I do very often.) Eventually I got to the point where Suneido could see the DLL functions. But calling them didn't work (it gave some weird stack errors). Now what?

Then I remembered the issues with building single-threaded versus multi-threaded. The main version of Suneido we use is built single-threaded (/ML), but CEF is built multi-threaded (/MT). I tried it with a multi-threaded build of Suneido and it worked! (Suneido is still single-threaded, it's just linked with the multi-thread runtime libraries.) Here is Chromium Embedded running in a Suneido window:

Coincidentally, the single/multi-thread version issue has also come up in another area. I'm looking at upgrading my work computer to Windows 7. But before I take the plunge I want to make sure the software I need is going to run under Windows 7. One of the "oldest" packages I use is Visual C++ 2003 (VC7). I would have moved to a more recent version long ago, but VC7 still generates the smallest, fastest executable. I think the main reason for this, is that VC7 was the last version that supported building with the single-threaded libraries. (/ML) I'd prefer to use GCC but it doesn't handle the interface with the Internet Explorer browser component. (It's also a bit slower, but not too bad.) So using CEF instead of IE might also allow switching to GCC.

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