Sunday, January 09, 2011

I Give Up

I spoke too soon with my Hamcrest post. I was getting a clean compile and build, but when I ran the tests I got a security exception!

Based on what I found on the internet, this is because the hamcrest-core supplied by Eclipse is signed, but the hamcrest-library I downloaded separately isn't.

The suggested solutions is to make sure the unsigned one is first on the Eclipse build path. But mine was already first. I tried playing around with the order but it didn't help.

So I gave up and removed hamcrest-library. I'll just live with the matchers in the hamcrest-core supplied by Eclipse. I've wasted enough time and mental energy already.

Sometimes this stuff is just not as easy as it should be :-(

It's a good reminder of how much using Suneido simplifies life for my developers. (Not that they would agree that their life is simple!) The downside is that we don't have access to all these third party tools and libraries. But the huge upside is that we don't have to fight to integrate all those disparate pieces.

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