Wednesday, May 04, 2011


A couple of interesting free iPhone apps I've come across:

LeafSnap - take a picture of a leaf and get it identified. I haven't been able to test this much since we have no leaves yet! But I love the idea. Only some US trees so far but more promised.

Photosynth - helps you photograph panaramas, stitches them together, and lets you view them. From Microsoft.

A part of me would like to escape the Apple closed world, maybe buy an Android tablet instead of an iPad. But I really like the huge variety of apps. Some of them come out on Android as well, but not all of them.

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Derek said...

Leafsnap looks pretty neat! I have been kind of thinking about an android tablet too :) just not sure I can justify the 'need' for an iPhone, netbook, desktop AND a tablet :) they would all be running different OS's though :)