Thursday, June 23, 2011

Are ten apps all you need?

Ten apps is all I need - (37signals)

I disagree. I regularly use a bunch of non-Apple apps e.g. offline Wikipedia, iBird, oMaps, Topo Maps, Evernote, MobileRSS, BlogPress, TripIt, Photoshop Express, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, SmartGo. *

I agree no one needs hundreds of thousands of apps. But you need a large selection in order to find the ones you want - you need the long tail. It's the same problem when you try to reduce the number of features in software. Sure, no one person uses all the features, but different people use different features.

The popularity of the platform draws the developers that you need to get the apps you want.

One of the big things that would stop me from using another phone or tablet (e.g. Android) would be the availability of the apps that I want.

PS. I'd also disagree with listing the Weather app as one that Apple "nailed".  It's very basic and I don't find it very useful. I believe it's getting updated in IOS 5.

* A number of these I use because they work offline. Outside Canada, or even out of town, I don't have constant connectivity.

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Derek said...

I completely disagree with that authors opinion on the core apps also. Weather app is really a joke - I don't think it understands what a "wind chill" is! Maps does not have text to speech navigation or offline mode (like the copilot app does). Camera + in my opinion is much better then apples stock camera application. If it were not for some of the GREAT pieces of third party apps out there the iPhone would not be nearly as great!!!