Wednesday, April 02, 2014

TortoiseSVN + TortoiseHg Problem

I use Subversion (SVN) for cSuneido (for historical reasons) and Mercurial (Hg) for jSuneido, both on SourceForge (again for historical reasons).

On Windows I use TortoiseSVN (1.8.5) and TortoiseHg (2.11.2) with Pageant (part of PuTTY, but supplied with TortoiseHg) so I don't have to type a password all the time. This combination has worked well for a long time.

I came into work this morning and TortoiseSVN kept popping up a Plink dialog asking for my password. That's what Pageant is supposed to avoid, especially since SourceForge needs an SSH key, not a password.

TortoiseHg was working fine, which meant Pageant was ok.

I used TortoiseSVN a few days ago. As far as I can recall I didn't change anything since then. But possibly I updated it. There are so many updates going by these days that it's hard to remember.

I searched the web but didn't find anything that seemed to be related.

I tried rebooting. I tried changing my path to put TortoiseHg and TortoiseSVN in the opposite order. Didn't help.

After some digging I found TortoiseHg was using older versions of TortoisePlink and pageant (both from 2012) whereas TortoiseSVN had a new TortoisePlink (from 2014). I wasn't sure it was a good idea, but I tried replacing the new TortoisePlink with the old one, thinking that maybe it needed to match the version of pageant.

That worked! Or at least appears to work. (I even rebooted to make sure the problem wouldn't come back.) It's probably going to break next time I update TortoiseSVN, and I'll probably forget the fix, but at least I'll have this blog post to jog my memory :-) And hopefully in the long run this will get sorted out. I can't be the only person running both. I'm not sure why TortoiseHg has such old versions. There seem to have been similar version issues a few years ago.

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