Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Problem with Eclipse Mars on Windows after Java Update

I installed the new Java update on my Windows work machine, and removed the old version.

When I tried to run Eclipse (Mars) it said it couldn't find a JRE at the path of the old version of Java.

That made sense because I'd removed it. But why was it specifically looking for that path?

When I'd updated Java in the past Eclipse had found the new version fine.

I found that in the eclipse.ini file it had a -vm option set to the old version of Java. I removed this and now Eclipse starts fine.

I wonder if this was a result of installing the recently released Eclipse Mars with the Oomph installer?

Note: The Oomph installer puts Eclipse in your user folder (e.g. c:/Users/andrew in my case) rather than in Program Files. This may be a workaround to not require admin privileges to install.

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