Monday, October 19, 2009

Back to No Kindle in Canada

I just tried to order the new international version of the Kindle and got:

When the announcement first came out I specifically went and checked Canada and I'd swear it said it was available. (my previous post)

It really annoys me to continually run into products and services that exclude Canada. I don't think Amazon has anything personal against Canada, so I have to assume it's our industry and government that are blocking it. Stupid and short sighted.

Canada snubbed as Kindle goes global - The Globe and Mail


Larry Reid said...

It could be that the content providers are pissed off with Canada since we refuse to cave in to the American copyright monopolist lobby. In the short term it may be painful. In the long term we'll come out way ahead if we resist the pressure to pass draconian copyright laws a la DMCA.

andrew said...

Good point. It would be nice if there was more transparency so we knew whether there was a good reason for these things. I'm all for resisting crazy copyright and DRM. But is that really the reason? If it is, why isn't Canada being open about it and getting some PR from it? Being a cynic I have to suspect the reason is less noble.

Note: Some people are suggesting the reason is the wireless access, but my understanding is that's worked out - you can access wireless in Canada if you have a Kindle you bought elsewhere.