Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another Unavailable eBook Reader

Barnes & Noble has announced their eBook reader. It looks pretty nifty, but of course, it's not available in Canada. (Only US currently.)

Nook, eBook Reader, eBook Device - Barnes & Noble

There are some interesting features like being able to loan books to other people, and being able to read your ebooks on your computer.

So far, the Sony eBook Readers are the only mainstream reader available in Canada.

The Sony eBook store claims about 55,000 books versus Amazon's 350,000. Barnes & Noble claims "over one million" but they must be counting all the public domain stuff. I'd be surprised if they have as good a selection as Amazon.

I wonder if you'd get away with shipping a Nook to a friend's US address. The question is whether they'll let you use a Canadian credit card to pay for books (Amazon doesn't).

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Magnum said...

I'm somewhat surprised.
I thought nearly all stuff which is available in the US is also available in Canada ...
Normally Europe (especially Switzerland ;-) has to wait for new electronic gadgets.
But it looks that all three readers are available, or become available before X-Mas here in Swiss.
For now there are a lot of announcements in the local newspapers for Kindle and Nook, but time will show if they
really become available.