Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blogger + Picasa Tweak

When I reference photos on Picasa from my Blogger blog I use the HTML under "Link to this album" and then "Paste HTML to embed in website" (using the Edit HTML function of Blogger)

However, when people click on the result they get taken to the album page of thumbnails. Some of my less technically savvy friends don't realize or notice that they can get a slideshow so they end up clicking on the photos one at a time to look at them.

You can fix to go directly to the slideshow by changing:
 in the HTML. There are two occurrences - one for clicking on the photo and one for the caption.

You can see examples in my Sustainable Adventure blog.

Note: Picasa also has an "Embed Slideshow" option under "Link to this Album" but I don't normally use this because it only shows small images and I'd prefer to have people view my photos larger. I do use it when I'm not as concerned about image size. (You can still click on it to go to the Picasa album, but most people won't bother.)

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