Sunday, February 07, 2010

Removing Borders from Images on Blogger

This may be due to the template I'm using, or maybe even my browser, but in case other people are having the same problem, I thought I'd post my workaround. (Besides, it gives me a handy reference when I forget what to do!)

When I insert images into my blog posts I get a gray border around them. Like this:
Sometimes that's ok, but often, like with this image, I don't want that border.

NOTE: The border doesn't show up while composing, or in preview, only (annoyingly) after you publish.

To remove it, I edit the HTML and add style="border: none;" to the img tag. (I'm not sure why this is necessary because it already has border="0" - maybe something in the CSS.) The result should be the image without the gray border, like this:
Note: If you're reading this in something like Google Reader you may not see the border.

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