Sunday, October 13, 2013

jSuneido GUI

What's special about this screenshot of the IDE isn't what's visible.

It's that this is running on jSuneido! (the Java implementation of Suneido).

Up till now jSuneido has only been the server side. The only "UI" it had was a command line REPL.

But in the long run, I'd rather not support two implementations of Suneido. It would be nice if we could just use jSuneido since it's a better implementation.

Suneido's user interface is Win32 based and implemented with the DLL interface. None of the UI is built into the exe, it's all Suneido code in stdlib. (Other than a few support functions.)

Ideally, we'd switch to a portable GUI, but that's a huge job and would likely mean a bunch of changes to our application code.

So we decided to see if we could implement a Windows DLL interface in jSuneido and get Suneido's existing GUI to run on it.

One of Suneido's early programmers , Victor Schappert, returned to us and worked on this project. Thanks Victor!

As you can see, it's far enough along to run most of the IDE. but we still have a few things left to do like the COM interface and SuneidoAPP interface to the IE browser component.

As usual, the code is in version control on SourceForge. The JSDI project in Mercurial (Hg) contains a support dll for jSuneido (written in C++) that jSuneido talks to via JNI. A pre-built version of jsdi.dll is included in the jSuneido project.

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