Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Updating Source Code to Java 7

I had this vague memory that NetBeans had a way to upgrade source code to Java 7, which seemed like a good thing to do. But when I searched on the web I couldn't find much. I did find stuff about the IDE giving hints and fixes individually in the IDE but nothing about mass changes. (Which is partly what prompted me to write this.) I also looked for a way to do it with Eclipse but didn't find anything.

So I downloaded the latest NetBeans (7.4) and hunted through the menus. I found Refactor > Inspect and Transform which has a Configuration choice for Convert to JDK 7.

TIP: Set your tab and formatting (e.g. switches) preferences before you run Inspect and Transform. It didn't seem to work correctly when I changed the preferences while Inspect and Transform was open.

It found the following applicable changes in my code:

  • Use diamond inference
  • Convert to switch over strings
  • Convert to try-with-resources
  • Replace with multicatch
  • Replace with multicatch catching specific exceptions

The majority were diamond inference. There would have been even more, but I already used Guava's helpers such as Lists.newArrayList which avoid repeating the generic types.

Convert to try-with-resources didn't merge surrounding try-catch's but there were only a few of these so it was easy to fix them manually.

I wasn't too sure about the last item - replacing catching general exceptions with catching multiple specific exceptions. It seemed like it wouldn't catch everything it did before so I didn't accept those changes. (unchecked them)

But when I clicked on Do Refactoring I got a little "Refactoring" window that was blank. I assumed it was working and left it for a while. But it never went away, and when I tried to close it I couldn't. So I exited out of NetBeans (with no problems) and tried it again. This time nothing happened (except the Inspect and Transform window closed). I thought maybe it was finished but nothing had changed. I ran it again and got only a few of the issues and Do Refactoring worked (on those few). Next time I ran it, I got the long list again. I finally noticed the error marker in the bottom right. I submitted the error and it appears to be a known bug :-(

I ended up doing one package at a time and that seemed to work fine.

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