Thursday, January 12, 2012

jSuneido immudb milestone

As of today, my new append-only storage engine for jSuneido (immudb) successfully runs all our application tests. Of course, there are probably still bugs, but it's a big milestone.

And it runs the standard library portion of the tests roughly twice as fast as with the previous storage engine. It also loads databases from a dump roughly twice as fast. And crash recovery is hugely faster.

Overall, I'm pleased with how it's worked out, other than the transactions issues I posted about recently.

As usual, I was surprised when I looked at how long it's been since I started on this - almost exactly a year! Of course, I wasn't working on it full time, and I had to do quite a lot of refactoring on jSuneido to allow pluggable storage engines, but still a lot of work.

Next, I'm planning to work on the transaction issues. Hopefully that won't take a year!

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Ryan said...

Excellent Work Andrew!