Sunday, May 20, 2012

More Immudb Results

The test that I was using to measure concurrency performance was using a bounded executor - code I'd found on the web, back when I knew Java even less than I do now. I decided that it was more complex than it needed to be and I rewrote it just using a number of worker threads. Surprisingly, that seemed to eliminate the drop in performance with more threads.

I also tested on my Windows machine which has a similar CPU but with an SSD (solid state drive) instead of a hard disk. Here are the results:

Now the performance seems to consistently level off as the number of client threads increase. That's less worrying than the performance dropping, but it's still a little puzzling. It still doesn't appear to be due to actual concurrency scaling issues like lock contention. Perhaps it's running into some other limit like storage or memory bandwidth?

Windows + SSD was roughly 2 times as fast as Mac + HD. I suspect that's mostly due to the SSD, although the OS and hardware could also play a part.

immudb also shows more improvement on SSD than the previous version. (blue to red versus orange to green) My guess would be that this is because immudb's large contiguous writes are optimal for SSD.

On both platforms, immudb is about 4 times as fast as the previous version.

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